Editors and Authors:

Chris Smith is the editor-in-chief and writer for the Modesto Press. He obtained his B.A. in Economics at the University of Houston in Houston, TX. As a transplant from Texas, he enjoys his new home in Modesto, CA. Chris brings an eclectic history of the newspaper industry with him to the Modesto Press. He was the Editor-At-Large for his high school newspaper and at the same time had a regular newspaper route, delivering the day’s news to the people of Houston. Chris can be reached by email at smith[at]modestopress[dot]com.

Maria Sanchez is a freelance writer for the Modesto Press. She obtained her B.A. in Liberal Studies at California State University,Los Angeles. After a stint in the Bay Area as a yoga instructor, Maria moved to Ceres, CA. She is currently an analyst for a private company and spends her time writing, doing yoga and sipping on tea. Maria can be reached by email at sanchez[at]modestopress[dot]com.

Alexa Silvers is a graduate of Southern Oregon University. She lives and enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest. She has a newborn and is currently pursuing a master’s in school psychology.

Beth Anderson resides in San Diego. When she is not writing she loves to explore Southern California and the mystery of Hollywood. She has two dogs and a cat and drives a Toyota Previa, a car that she has owned since 16 years-old.


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