Vitamin C could stop cancer growth


One group of researchers compared seven substances , including three experimental drugs.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid , was the most potent test drug . The point is that it would be impossible to get the necessary amount of “cure” by eating only oranges.

This could help stop the movement of cancer through the body , the controversial research suggests.

British scientists have discovered that the nutrient, found at high levels in oranges and peppers, can weaken the tumor. Giving patients high doses of it can be 10 times more effective than some of the drugs that are tested in the battle against cancer.

By injecting Vitamin C to the affected patients you can get them to eat up to 500 times more than eating fruits.

However, researchers at Salford University believe they can pinpoint how this nutrient weakens cancer stem cells.

By preventing the breakdown of glucose, the mitochondria – considered the “power” of cells – is unable to obtain the vital energy it needs to thrive.

The Dr. Michael Lisanti , author of the study says: “Vitamin C is cheap, natural, non – toxic and readily available, having her as a potential weapon in the fight against cancer would be a significant step.”

In an attempt to disrupt their metabolism, they tested a range of seven substances, three of these were natural products, including Vitamin C , honey and milk thistle extract silibinin.

The Dra.Gloria Bonuccelli , also involved in the study, said: “Our results indicate that it is a promising agent for clinical trials”.

Anna Perman , director of scientific information for Cancer UK, said: “This is an early phase study and has not yet been tested in patients.”

However, some doctors think that antioxidants like vitamin C could interfere with chemotherapy, which is known to be a very effective treatment.

“The important thing for cancer patients to remember is that this study is projecting a vitamin C action in the laboratory, that is, not the effect of eating fruits or taking supplements containing vitamin C. This should not suggest to any of Patients who are receiving a treatment to change their diet or plan the same. “