Sony China to $1.3 million for stealing local company patent


Beijing’s Intellectual Property Court ruled Wednesday against Sony China for violating Xidian Jietong’s Local Area Network (WAPI) Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure patent, a wireless network communications company located in Xian city (northwest).

The WAPI is a security standard established by China in 2003 to ensure secure access to wireless networks and applies to all mobile devices in this country.

Xidian Jietong patented in 2005 its own WAPI system, which was copied by the Japanese multinational, according to the capital court court in its sentence.

Sony China will indemnify the Chinese company “for the economic losses derived from the abduction of the patent” And will be forced to stop the production and sale of all mobile phones containing this technology, about 35 of its models.

The suit was filed by Xidian Jietong in 2015 after talks between the two companies failed in 2009.