Power Rangers Movie Review 2017: Great Movie for the Family


A group of teenagers discovers mysterious coins buried in strange glass which give them special powers. Together they will discover how to control their new skills and unite to save the world from the forces of evil.

Under the direction of Dean Israelite, with script by John Gatins, and performances by Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Becky G, hilarious Bill Hader, Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston as Zordon, we get a movie that surprises : Power Rangers.

The direction of the film is very good, despite having some problems of “tone” sometimes, which are understandable with taking into account the original material. The film flows very well, being entertained most of the time.

The script is excellent, I love that included phrases of the originals and this gives just the nostalgia of fans of the saga.

The cast is excellent, from the 5 youngsters who play Power Rangers to Bryan Cranston as Zordon and Bill Hader as Alpha 5. The only one that leaves a certain level of doubts is Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, which starts with a tone Serious and even frightening that becomes caricatured as the film progresses.

Among the characters to be highlighted are definitely Billy (CJ Ryler), who captivates the audience and has an excellent timing for their jokes and way of behaving, representing a community that is not usually represented in movies. I say no more to avoid spoilers, it only remains to say that Billy steals the show in my opinion.

The Power Rangers have always been characterized by being one of the series with more diverse representations and this film is not the exception.

Special effects are difficult to judge, since when they are good they are excellent, but when they are bad it shows a lot. The music is excellent, well composed and in keeping with all parts of the film.

In conclusion: Power Rangers is an excellent movie that everyone over 13 will enjoy, whether they are fanatics or not. The film has a scene in the middle of the credits that will leave more than one excited, so it is better to stay waiting for it. There are also some cameos from the original Rangers, so watch out.