Modesto Splash Fountains are Closed This Summer

California is facing a serious drought and the City of Modesto is doing its part to conserve water. One of these efforts includes the closing of splash fountains this summer at the following parks:

  • Coffee-Claratina
  • Creekwood
  • Freedom
  • George Rogers
  • Graceada
  • Marshall
  • Sanders
  • Sylvan
  • Ustach
  • Virginia Corridor (Lyons Junction)

Each Modesto resident is asked to please continue doing their part to conserve this precious resource by complying with the City of Modesto’s Stage One Water Restrictions, which include:

  • No outdoor watering on Mondays
  • Outdoor water use only before noon and after 7 p.m.
  • Addresses ending in odd numbers water only on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
  • Addresses ending in even numbers water only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Car washing is subject to the above-cited limitations with the use of a positive shut-off nozzle
  • Hosing of concrete areas, building exteriors, etc. may only be done with a city-issued permit and a positive shut-off nozzle
  • Water leaks, once identified, must be repaired within 24 hours
  • New landscaping (residential and commercial) must comply with existing landscape ordinances

The City of Modesto has several resources available to help decrease residential water use inside/outside the home during this serious drought. Resources include a water use home survey kit, high efficiency toilet rebate program, high efficiency washer rebate program, and water wise gardening guide.