Logan: The End of a Great Era of Hugh Jackman


In the near future where there are no longer mutants, a sick and injured Logan takes care of an elderly Professor X on the Mexican border, while trying to forget his past. But all his attempts to achieve it are in vain when a small mutant appears to be pursued by a group of villains. Now Logan must decide between helping her or leaving out what could be her offspring.

Under the direction of James Mangold, scripted by Scott Frank and Michael Green; And with the stellar performances of Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen we get what could be the best movie with the appearance of X-men characters so far: Logan.

This is a film based slightly on the series of “Old Man Logan” where a sick and elderly Wolverine is seen that is perfectly captured by Hugh Jackman.

The direction of the film is excellent, it flows in a very good way which makes the film feel fast and entertaining, with good photography, good action sequences, effects and top-notch performances.

Dafne Keen’s interpretation of X-23 is excellent, it shows vulnerability, aggressiveness and the confusion that feels the character of excellent way showing at the same time a very good chemistry with Stewart and Jackman.

If I had a criticism of the movie, the music is not so memorable, although the scenes that are taken without music are excellent.

In conclusion: “Logan” is the perfect farewell to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart of the roles they have played for 17 years. It is an entertaining film, well thought out but highly bloody, so it is recommended not to take children under 16 years.