How the Attack in Westminster Happened


At 14:40 local time on Wednesday, Khalid Masood, the man believed by police to carry out the attack in London, was driving a rental car in an office in Birmingham on Westminster Bridge near the British Parliament.

One witness said the subject sped up , set off on the sidewalk and began beating pedestrians indiscriminately. Two people, Aysha Frade and American tourist Kurt Cochran, were killed on the scene and dozens injured. A 75-year-old man, Leslie Rhodes, from South London, died the next day.

Witnesses reported seeing people lying on the sidewalk. One man pointed out that he saw a sports shoe on one side of the street and a body on the other side. The car subsequently crashed into the parliamentary lattice. Masood, armed with a gun, left his car and ran to the Parliament, where he was confronted by police. Police Keith Palmer, who was not armed, was stabbed and killed. Armed police officers then shot Masood.