First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +


We already had the possibility to spend some time with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 + . Not too long, everything has to be said, but it has been enough to get a first impression of what these new devices that have been announced yesterday. We tell you the sensations we had when using the new high end of the Korean company.

The two versions have left a very good taste of the mouth in general, since their finishes are really attractive – without lacking curvature to the screens and having in the metal the material of manufacture used. They evolve well from the model they replace in the market . The feeling, though, is that they have chosen details of the latest models of the manufacturer to assemble the best and thus obtain a device to tractive while has good ergonomics .

It maintains the headphone port, which is quite a success to our understanding, and it is not missing the Samsung Galaxy S8 USB type C connectivity, LTE (Cat.16, nothing less) and, also, support for Gigabit, so Which is prepared for the future. In advanced security issues, it should be noted that iris recognition is available, as in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 , and the facial is added, which works very well and with great reliability. This may be part of the future for the Korean company.

Without being able to have concrete results for the moment, the sensations that left us the Samsung Galaxy S8 were very good. The Exynos 8895 processor is more than solvent (and it will be necessary to see how those 10 nanometers are noticed in the day to day). The RAM is 4GB , where you could expect something more from the Korean company. Of course, moving Android Nougat with a layer of personalization increasingly better and more minimalist – now called Samsung Experience – is not exactly a problem, as we could see.

The storage is at 64 GB, a suitable amount, which is possible to expand with the use of microSD cards. Apart, it should be noted that the screens are 5.8 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 6.2 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 + -. In both cases with QHD + resolution and with a quality that jumps to the eye as soon as it is in front. But, this is certainly something expected since the SuperAMOLED panels are getting better.

The battery is a detail that has left us a bittersweet taste. The truth is that it includes fast and wireless charging , which is very positive. But the charges are not particularly high, and we will see how it behaves in the usual use. We talk about 3,000 mAh for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 3.5000 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 +. Here we should wait for the most concrete tests to give an opinion (the same thing happens with the cameras, which are 12 megapixels the main aperture F: 1.7 and 8 Mpx the front in the two variants announced).

In short, very good feelings in general lines obtained in this contact of the new Samsung Galaxy S8. They have some detail that should be tested in a concrete way (such as the camera and autonomy), but what is very clear is that has done a good job with the Samsung Galaxy S8, especially with its design and new options of use.