Zimmerman Verdict Trial 2013: NOT Guilty Ruling Caused Twitter Riot, Martin’s Death Justified

zimmerman-verdict-martin-2013Justice was officially served when the 6 panel, all-woman jury, gave the verdict of NOT Guilty in the case of State of Florida vs George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was found to be not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the justifiable homicide of Trayvon Martin committed on February 26, 2012.

If you are unfamiliar with the case, please go to State of Florida vs George Zimmerman. Here were the final instructions given to the jury on the case before the correct ruling.

Below are just news and observations I’ve noticed and strictly my opinions.

The media successfully made this trial all about race. Zimmerman is half-Hispanic and half-white, who looks more Hispanic but with his last name sounding “white”, people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others jumped at the opportunity to bring race into play.  They reiterated ad nauseam how the victim was “just” a black 17 year-old boy with skittles and ice tea walking home, who was shot and killed by a then 28 year-old man, who had always wanted to become a cop.

But this wasn’t the truth.

Here are the things we know about Trayvon Martin.

  • Trayvon Martin was a druggie. He used marijuana and/or perhaps other drugs recreationally.
  • Trayvon Martin had a backpack full of jewelry and a “burglary tool” when he got busted for tagging property.
  • Trayvon Martin enjoyed defacing school properties by graffiti.
  • Trayvon Martin was a racist. His Twitter username and response to Zimmerman when he was following him justifies this conclusion.
  • Trayvon Martin speaks about violence and has a history of it.
  • Here’s a good article about Trayvon Martin’s possible link to drug dealing and gang activity.



  • President Barack Obama swayed many people’s views by stating that if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin. That was a great injustice to the Zimmerman family.
  • 95% of African-Americans voted for Obama in 2008 and 93% in 2012. Does this mean that blacks are racist?
  • Over 7,000 black males are killed every year and 94% of those are committed by other black males. Where’s the outrage?
  • Al Sharpton is a racist and news media needs to stop putting his face and racist viewpoints on TV.
  • A lot of people on Twitter made death threats to Zimmerman and his family, which was shameful and unneeded.
  • Tracy Martin is a liar. He told Sanford Police that the voice on the recording was NOT his son, but in his testimony he flipped his answer.
  • It took me by surprise to find out that Russell Simmons cared so much about this case, perhaps more than his lust for white women, which makes me kinda think Simmons and Tiger Woods would make great friends.
  • If one of the six person jury was full black, this specific trial would most likely to continue.
  • I haven’t seen a black person on TV or in person who sided with George Zimmerman. Racism?
  • African-Americans are most likely to use physical punishment when compared to Whites, Hispanics and Asians.

Zimmerman Verdict = Not Guilty = The right one!

  • Spike S

    This outcome of this case has made me feel safer. The altercation started with Martin assaulting Zimmerman. The altercation ended rightfully with the attacker dead. I wish Northern and Midwestern states had similar strong stand your ground and castle doctrines that a few southern and western states do.

  • Chris

    Yes, Trayvon deserved his death. He was the young racist punk who tried to kill Zimmerman. If Zimmerman did NOT have a gun, he would have died. However, now he must be fearing for his life. I suggest he move to a different country for 1-2 years and then come back to the states if he wants.

  • Empress

    Stupse, this is sad. The Lord isnt sleeping. Justice will come to those who deserve it

  • Guest

    Trayvon Martin’s trajectory in life would go something like this if he still lived:

    1. Get more than 3 women pregnant and not care
    2. Deal drugs
    3. Steal money
    4. Do 5-30 years of prison time.

    I’m glad one less evil punk is alive. Praise Jesus!

  • Byron’s Evans

    Come out of the Dark ages America. Both were wrong in there engagements. (Bottom line.) The media aka:Dictator And Motivational Modification Influential Technique. (DAMMIT) What peace we’d have without it..
    (Made the crap up, but it’s true.) We shouldn’t let the media alter the obvious truth. .What could Gerorge expect, when he appears to be stalking an individual. Now we have an encounter fueled by adrenaline. The rest speaks for itself.

  • dfjkhsdku

    Blacks enjoy sticking together even though they are wrong most of the time. smh.