Winning Powerball $301 Million Jackpot Ticket Sold in Michigan

powerball-winner-michiganUPDATE: Wednesday’s drawing for the Powerball $310.5 Million resulted in one sole winner in the state of Michigan.  The winning numbers were 21, 39, 40, 55, 59 and 17 red ball.

The winner can either take the $310.5 million grand prize in 30 annual payments or a $116 million lump sum payout. If he/she is smart, going with the latter is the better option. And if he/she is smart, betting on Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan team to upset the #1 ranked Ohio State football team on Saturday, November 28th might be the way to go to.
The expected jackpot prize for the next Powerball drawing on  Saturday, October 3, 2015 will be $40 million. In addition, new Powerball rules are going to be in effect for the upcoming drawing, which will increase the odds of winning the jackpot. It will go from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. This will definitely make for bigger jackpots in the future.