Umpqua CC Shooter is Chris Harper Mercer 26-year-old Mentally Ill Person

uccshooting-gunman-chris-harper-mercerChris Harper Mercer is the identified gunman (mentally-ill individual) behind the October 1, 2015 mass school shooting at Umpqua Community College. The 26 year-old man allegedly performed the following actions:

  1. Killed 13 people and injuring 20.
  2. Carried 4 guns (3 handguns and 1 long gun) and was killed after a shootout with local police officers
  3. Asked people to state their religion and then started to fire aimlessly
  4. Sent out warnings on anonymous website 4chan the night before the shooting

Today’s events marked the 45th shooting at school in 2015 and the 142nd school shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newton on December 14, 2012. There is a gun roughly for every man, woman and child in America. More guns doesn’t make us safer. More stricter gun controls is needed in our laws to prevent these type of shootings all over America.

  • C. Merose

    Maria, you obviously are an enemy of common sense. More gun laws like Chicago? Like DC? I could go on and on. More gun control will NOT result in less gun deaths. If you don’t like guns, move to England, mmkay?

  • Mr. B

    You cannot regulate insanity. The insane, the criminal, the evil will always find a way. A way to get guns, a way to kill without them if they fail to acquire them. Guns are not the problem. Failure to teach right from wrong by a liberal society is the problem. Today we all cry for the victims and families. Tomorrow the liberals will cry for the evil who victimized those today. Liberals would cry out for the scumbags rights had he not been killed today. The problem lies in the minds of those who oppose punishments, death penalties, life without parole etc.. Screw the rights of the evil. They vanquished their rights when they took aim on the innocent.

  • roadwalker

    We should however fix background check loopholes and make it harder for crazy people to get a gun.

  • Whisper Love Gray

    Crazy people can get guns without background checks just like criminals can.. your idea is flawed.

  • roadwalker

    That’s because the loopholes are still there. You go to Backpage dot com, find the gun of your choice, make the exchange in some supermarket parking lot, no background check. That’s how a lot of felons get their weapons.