Ultra Runner Jon Olsen Wins 2012 NorthCoast 24 Hour Endurance Run

The 2012 NorthCoast 24 Hour Endurance Run finished up earlier this morning and local Modesto resident, Prescott Senior Elementary school teacher and ultra-runner Jon Olsen, was declared the winner.

After 24 hours of running under beautiful skies and uncomfortable darkness, Olsen was declared the winner of the 4th annual event. He took over the lead just around the 66th mile mark. He powered his way through hunger and exhaustion and finished the loop course with the best mark of 158.53 miles (1 loop = 0.90075 mile).

Olsen’s finishing mark works out to be around 9 minutes and 5 seconds per mile for 24 hours. He smashed the NorthCoast 24 hour endurance run record by nearly 2 extra miles.

2010 NorthCoast 24 Hour Endurance race winner, Serge Arbona finished second, covering 153.43 miles in 24 hours. Previously, Arbona held the race record with 156.48975 miles.

As the race winner, Olsen takes home a $1,500 1st place prize. In addition, he automatically qualified for the U.S. 24 Hour Team, who is slated to travel to Poland in September 2012.

For all ultrarunning fanatics, Jon Olsen is schedule to run next in the Western States Endurance Run, aka “Western States 100” or “WS100,” which is one of the oldest ultra trail events in the world and certainly one of the most challenging.

Considering how well Olsen has performed in his last three races, it would not be surprising if he takes home the victory in this race.

Below are the 2012 NorthCoast 24 Hour Endurance Race Results:

1. Jon Olsen 37M, Finished 176 laps = 158.53 miles

2. Serge Arbona 47M. 170 laps = 153.43

3. Sabrina Moran 25F. 164 laps = 147.90

4. Constance Gardner 48F. 158 laps = 142.32

5. Joe Fejes 46M. 157 laps = 142.08

6. Suzanna Bon 47F. 148 laps = 133.97


Race Information

The NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run (abbreviated “NC24” throughout) is an exciting 24-hour endurance race held on the shores of Lake Erie at Cleveland’s scenic Edgewater Park. Runners will travel around a loop of just under one mile, covering as many miles as possible within the 24 hour time limit. Runners may elect to run any amount of time or distance that they wish. The overall winners will be those who cover the most distance within the 24 hour time limit.

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering two editions of the NC24 in 2012! A new Spring race will be held on May 5-6, 2012. This race will be the USATF’s 2012 National Championship. The original Fall race will be held on September 22-23, 2012. The information and rules contained in this document apply to both races except where explicitly indicated otherwise.

The NC24 race course consists of a 0.90075-mile loop on the all-purpose path at Edgewater Park. The path is paved with asphalt and is ten feet wide. The course is almost perfectly flat.