Turlock’s Colin Kaepernick Wins Backup QB battle for 49ers over Scott Tolzien

MODESTO, CA – Pitman High grad and former Turlock resident, Colin Kaepernick will become the main backup behind San Francisco 49ers starting QB Alex Smith. Harbaugh confirmed yesterday what has already been expected by many.

Kaepernick has been performing quite well in preseason games, most noticeably against the Minnesota Vikings. He pulled off a highlight-reeled 78-yard scamper against the backup secondary of the Vikings. The main question here is can he do this against NFL starters? Maybe.

Kaepernick has many flaws. One of the most glaring is his unconventional style of play. He is an up-tempo spread offense type of quarterback, someone that doesn’t fit the 49ers offense. Sure, this may help him to elude tacklers but it won’t last for a full NFL season if he wants to be healthy.

Kaepernick lacks patience in the pocket. He is too antsy and takes off when there is an opening. He has the mentality of a run-first quarterback rather than the pass-first one that win playoff games. He has a big arm but stares down his receivers too much. Kaepernick seems to not be going through his full progressions/read properly in order to make the right play.

On the other hand, quarterback Scott Tolzien is somewhat the opposite. He comes from a pro-style offense in college and is more ready to start than other backups on the 49ers roster. He has average arm strength however; he fits the 49ers offense better than Kaepernick. He makes smart decisions and reminds me a lot of a Rich Gannon type of player. Tolzien is currently battling Josh Johnson for the #3 QB position, which he should easily win.

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    Tolzienis the real deal. Kaepernick is a poor man vick