Tori Hughes for Sheriff 2013: Patterson Police Chief To Run for Stanislaus County Sheriff

tori-hughes-stanislaus-county-sheriff-2013Modesto, June 20 — Tori Hughes, a 14-year veteran of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department and the current Chief of Police for the City of Patterson, announced today that she will run for Stanislaus County Sheriff.

Since joining the Sheriff’s Department in 1999, Hughes has worked her way up through nearly every level of responsibility within the Sheriff’s Department, from the routine duties of a Deputy patrolling County roads to a Detective focusing on elder abuse and crimes against children. Hughes was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2005 and Lieutenant in 2007 where she managed and directed
sheriff patrols throughout the County.

“I started on the front lines as a Patrol officer,” Hughes reflects, “and over the course of my career focused more and more on the need to bring people and communities together within our County. As Sheriff, I will bring clarity where there is lack of focus, and introduce unity where there is division. We must retain our best officers,” she says, “and work closely with other local law enforcement and community leaders. We must improve our overall performance, target high crime areas, and protect the most vulnerable in our society—our children and our elderly.”

Over the past four years, Hughes has been serving as Chief of Police for the City of Patterson, which contracts its municipal law enforcement with the County Sheriff’s Office. As Patterson’s Police Chief, Hughes currently oversees a budget over $3.5 million.
“Law Enforcement is as much about education, preparation and avoiding conflict as it is about apprehending and prosecuting criminal behavior,” she insists. “Discord and conflict in the ranks of those who would enforce the law is demoralizing and weakens the very fabric of who we are and what we are sworn to do.

“We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge. I will see to it that officer morale is never undermined. I intend to put an end to discord and to promote a positive relationship with the Union. Employees and their rights will be honored, not just because it is the right thing to do but because we cannot maximize our ability to fight crime when we are distracted by policy violations and lawsuits.”

To sum up, Hughes says, “My administration will focus on the best people, the best training, and the best technology to fight crime. I offer real change based on my direct experience at virtually every level of the Department. I know the results of working hard and working smart. Elect me, Tori Hughes, and I will work hard, and most of all, smart.”

Campaign Biography

Tori Hughes joined the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff nearly 14 years ago. After working patrol, Hughes became a Community Deputy in Salida where for years her primary focus was to establish a partnership between law enforcement and community groups. She was a part of a team, winning the 2004 James Q. Wilson Award for Community Policing Excellence in the State of California. In 2004 she was promoted to Detective where she focused on crimes against the most vulnerable in our society, including sex crimes against children and abuse of the elderly.

Hughes was promoted to Sergeant in 2005 and tasked with managing deputies assigned to patrol unincorporated areas throughout Stanislaus County. She was also assigned to supervise Community Service Officers, Crime Scene Technicians, and the Property and Evidence Room. She completed a $250,000 remodel and organization of the Property and Evidence Room and wrote new policies and
procedures. Only two years later, with a new focus on Community Outreach, she was promoted to Lieutenant and put in charge of sheriff patrols. As Watch Commander, Hughes targeted high crime areas with a talented task force of community deputies and patrol officers.

For the past four years, Hughes has served as the Chief of Police for the city of Patterson, which contracts with the Sheriff’s Department for its law enforcement needs. She oversees Patterson Police Services and an annual budget of more than $3.5 million. Also, she currently manages the Sheriff’s Department K9 Unit. Hughes continues to focus on community engagement in an effort to tackle local
issues related to gang activity and other pressing community concerns. In her capacity as Chief, Hughes currently serves as Chair of the Law Enforcement Executives Meeting, where local law enforcement officials meet every month to communicate and address important issues.

Hughes remains connected to our communities through her work in such civic organizations as the Modesto Rotary Club, Police Activities League Board, and her involvement with the County Office of Education Leadership Academy where she serves on their steering committee. She also teaches Property and Evidence Management at the Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center. She has received awards for her work combating drunk driving, and, in 2003, was named the Stanislaus Civitan Club Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Born in Modesto, Hughes spent her early years in Stanislaus County before moving with her family to Arizona. She returned to California to earn a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University at Long Beach, enrolling there after receiving an athletic scholarship in Golf. She went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration through National University in Stockton.

Always eager to learn more in the areas of justice, business and group dynamics, Tori continues her education through books, training and other media on such subjects as motivation and leadership, written by acknowledged leaders in their respective fields.