Suspects Use Police in Phone Scams

 Modesto, CA – Modesto Police ask citizens to be cautious of anyone using the Modesto Police Department’s name to collect money.

The “IRS Telephone Scam” continues to victimize citizens in Modesto.  The scam consists of an “agent” calling victims saying they owe money to the IRS.  The “agent” demands the money be paid promptly by a pre-paid debit card.  If the victim refuses, the “agent” threatens to call the police to have the victim arrested. 

It is important to know that the Modesto Police Department will never call to collect money or goods.  If you receive such a phone call from someone representing the Modesto Police Department, investigators ask that you file a police report immediately by calling (209) 552-2470.

For more information on the “IRS Telephone Scam”, visit the Internal Revenue Service website at