Super Bowl Refs: Jerome Boger & Crew SCREWED 49ers from 6th SuperBowl

49ers-screwed-superbowl-win-6thAfter being down 28-6, the San Francisco 49ers stormed back to make it a game against the Baltimore Ravens late in the 4th quarter.

With 1:50 left on the game clock, the 49ers found themselves down 29-34 while at the Raven’s 5-yard-line. It was 4th down and goal as QB Colin Kaepernick (Turlock, Pitman High School) threw the ball, trying to hit WR Michael Crabtree. However, as the ball was in the air, Raven’s cornerback, Jimmy Smith blatantly held onto Michael Crabtree, but the refs lead by main official Jerome Boger, who was criticized before the big game for over-excessive calls, decided to take the play off on this one.

Instead of calling a holding or pass interference, which would have been the correct call, the Zebra striped refs decided to keep the flags in their pockets. Crabtree was held by Smith at least two yards deep in the end-zone. This no call cost the 49ers a sixth Superbowl win.

In fact, this entire game was filled with erroneous non-called penalties. From offensive pass interference on the Ravens to cheap shots made by both team, this so-called all-star referee team screwed up big time. On one play, Raven’s player, Cary Williams was seen pushing one of the refs with two hands. According to the NFL rule book, any contactmade with the refs results in an ejection. But Williams was not ejected. Now some may wonder if this game was fixed considering all the bad/no calls on the field of play.

The NFL, Boger and crew screwed up big time. Instead of making the right calls on the field, they just gave someone who was indicted on murder and aggravated-assault charges, pled guilty to obstruction of justice, someone who has 6 kids from 4 different women and someone who allegedly used a banned substance, win a Super Bowl ring (Raven’s LB Ray Lewis).

Final Score of Super Bowl 47 = **Ravens 34 49ers 31

**  = ref aided

  • Yup, 49ers got screwed

  • Nick

    I think an even worse officiating call was the play before the 4th and 5. The ball was thrown to Crabtree and immediately after catching it he was hit helmet to helmet while totally defenseless. Will all the fuss about player safety now, this should have been an automatic 1st and goal from the 2 1/2. Horrible non call. You should be writing about that nonsense even more so.

  • Jerk

    The fix is in.

  • Yup, I agree the 49ers were screwed big time. They were dying to give Ray Lewis the ring he doesn`t deserve.

  • Doji

    Haters gonna hate

  • Haters gonna hate? Rofl. I am not even a 49ers fan and I know they got screwed

  • Mark

    Even before that, on Niners 2-pt attempt, Ravens were blatantly offsides. One Raven was in the neutral zone while another jumped across the line early. Non-calls are how truly devious fixers operate…

  • AA

    The win belonged to the 49ers! Many penalties were not called that caused them this loss. It was the worst Super Bowl screw up I’ve ever seen! No, I’m not hating, I’m telling the truth and millions of others saw it too. This Super Bowl needs to be reviewed and Jerome Boger and other officials who turned a blind eye held responsible for these wrong calls!

  • Auggie

    Why would the NFL be dying to give Ray Lewis a ring? He is gone next year…If they really wanted to be smart they would have given the game to Kaepernick since he is a rookie and they could have marketed the hell out of him in the future. It was a close play, not sure either way, but you cant decide a championship on that play with a flag.

  • DisgruntledNFLFan

    Even as a Patriots fan, I said prior to the game that the Ravens were going to win, there was no way the game was going to go the Niners way, and I wanted the Niners to win. I am awfully suspicious about this game and the league, the blatant no-call was obvious that there were powers that wanted the Ravens to win this game.

  • not mad

    Yeah, this article isn’t biased at all. Usually, when someone is upset, they vent to their family, not post it on their blog and peddle it under the guise of journalism.

  • this site is shit

    Delete my post faggots, you are an absolute joke and I regret stumbling upon this piece of shit site. Your opinions are not thought out, and your agenda is that of deceit. Enjoy being wrong and butthurt losers.

  • John

    I’m not even a 49er fan and they got screwed very bad.

    The first thing that got me was the first quarter. No calls on the Ravens offensive line who were holding…no call on the sack on Kaepernick which was clearly a face mask. They let the Ravens go the entire game and get by with several face mask and holding calls. i don’t think they got one single call on that.

    Not to mention that fight that broke out, Ravens players shoving and pushing refs, and no ejections? Give me a break.

    That 4th and Goal play was the tip of the iceberg. Yeah the NFL set Ray Lewis out with a ring the same way they sent Jerome Bettis out with one in 2005. That was one of the most rigged Super Bowls ever played tonight. The Niners were screwed very bad. They made great stops on 3rd down, then the flags fly to help the Ravens keep moving down the field. Not to mention in the 2 point conversion, the Ravens were off sides, no call. They jumped off sides on the 4th and goal, no call, no holding call, no pass interference.

    People moaned and moaned about the replacement refs, but this officiating crew was receiving criticism before the game even started. This game was bought and paid for by the refs. I am not even a 49er fan but if that was my team, I’d be furious tonight. The Niners got screwed very very bad just so the NFL could send thug role model and murderer Ray Lewis out with a ring. They done a fine job the last decade covering up his double homicide guess it don’t hurt to send him out with a ring too while their at it. He’s the role model of all the thug players in the league after all.

  • everyoneI know saidi the ravens were going to win, no matter what, especially with the media darling and Roger Goodell’s ;love Ray Ray retiring, It’s all a crock

  • Keeping it real

    Culliver was mugging Torrey Smith most of the first half. There were alot of non-calls and that pass was likely not to have been caught. (Ball landed 3yds out of bounds and Crabtree is hardly the second coming of Cris Carter).
    Good game, understand why either team would have been upset at refs depending on the outcome.

  • huy doan quang

    I’m no Niner fan. Never was. But that game was reffed like garbage. There was holding on the 108 yard run back. There was pass interference on numerous plays by the Ravens. There were helmet to helmet shots. Dirty play in the scrums. They held and tackled on the O line. That play with Ed Reed offsides was amazing! He lined up offsides and then left early!!! All night, they got away with murder. No pun intended.

  • Joe

    Oh it was screwed up but I can’t wait to hear the ref writer on Fox explain how they made the right calls and it was just perfect. You know I have never ever seen the NFL go back and admit a mistake when their refs screw something up and we all know they have screwed up many many times.

  • jckbquck

    I prefer to separate the striped (not “stripped”, Mr. Thai). Besides the head referee, Jerome Boger, the rest of the crew simply chose to employ a strategy of “let them play”. They pretty much stayed consistent with this strategy, except for the defensive pass interference called on Culliver. As to the quality of head referee, Mr. Jerome Boger, here are a partial list of his awful performance. After the coin toss, he announced through the PA system that the Niners had won the first half toss…..?!?!? He forgot to ask the Niners (losers of the toss) which direction they wanted to go, had to call them back to the center of the field. On a fourth down call, he raised three fingers. Realizing his mistake, he added a finger….. Anyone who watches football knows that a fourth down is signalized by a “close fist”, not four fingers. During the punter two-point safety play, Ravens TE Ed Dixon basically bear-hugged Niners RB Anthony Dixon, right in front of Jerome Boger… check out the replay on YouTube, it’s hilarious how Jerome Boger could have missed it.

  • Bill Davis

    come on, SF crybabies. Even if the Niners score a TD there, Baltimore still has 1:45 and THREE TIMEOUTS to put a drive together and kick a field goal and/or score a TD to win on the other end. To say that the call (which by most accounts, was a good “non call”) directly affected the outcome doesn’t give any credit to Flacco’s ability to potentially answer that TD with a drive of his own in the final 1:45.

    Maybe next year, Niners fans!

  • Jp

    That non call of offensive pi on Smith prior to Jones touchdown was pivotal. The hold on that punt was almost comical it was so obvious. I am Catholic and didn’t realize that God cared about Ray Lewis but no Niners. Who can even be stupid enough to say something like that. I was at the game and the fix was in. I could see he offsides from my flipping seat

  • Kim

    Try watching the late hit not called short time earlier when they hit Flaco 2 steps out of bounds. Would have given Ravens 1st down deep in San Fran territory. Holding call would have been non-issue!!

  • Scott

    We are the 49 so let’s suspend all the rules so we can win!

  • Lou

    This was the only thing I was afraid of going into the game as a niners fan….I knew/know they are far better then that Baltimore team. My worst fear came true…This was a fix up job by the NFL from start to finish….the NFL is becoming the WWF…

  • Lou

    Here’s a nice list with some pictures of all the garbage the Ravens were allowed to get away with;

  • Lucas

    Still upset. Without the holding, for Crabtree that is a very catchable ball. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but if the refs call that it’s half the distance to the goal, 1st down, and 1:45 left? The outcome would have been very different. The NFL should be ashamed of the game that transpired.

  • asdasfdfsdf

    watch the td return for a touchdown…the ravens have 2 guys holding/clipping a 49er with the number 49. watch the clip at the 10 second and 1 min mark…just amazing no call. they carry him down the field

  • bobby

    er kickoff return for a td…lol

  • Daniel

    The Ed Reed offsides on the 2 pt conversion, the no offensive PI call, the no holding call even though a similar call was made against the 49ers on Baltimore’s previous possession, the shoving of the official, the face mask.

  • Scott

    Bullshit it was a good no call! And come on now you no it was just say it