Stockton’s Pacific Defeat Miami in NCAA Tournament 2013? Numerology Says NO!

 pacific-tigers-miami-hurricanes-2013The 2nd round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2013 kicks off today with a full slate of games. However, the game that will be mostly watched by many Stockton, CA residents is the game that is set on Friday, March 22, where Stockton’s own Pacific Tigers play the #2 ranked Miami Hurricanes in the East Region of the tournament. Tip-off is scheduled for 11:10 AM PST in Frank Erwin Special Events Center, Austin, Texas.

The #15 ranked Tigers will play the major underdog role, trying to knock off winners of the ACC regular season title and tournament winners, Miami Hurricanes. It is going to be an arduous task, however, in last year’s 2012 NCAA Tournament, two #15 seeded teams in Lehigh and Norfolk State defeated two #2 seeded teams in Duke and Missouri, respectively. Anything is possible considering when the month of March is known to fans as “March Madness”.

In order for the Tigers to shock the world and pull a major upset of a team from a major conference they should focus on completing the following tasks:

  1. Control the game and the tempo. The Tigers are not known as a quick or fast team. They shoot the ball well. And they must live and die from three point line.
  2. Game fundamentals. They must box out for rebounds and use up clock and score. They only have one player who is 6’8” that plays a major part in the past 3 games, in power forward Tony Gill, who serves as the team’s “sixth man”. He caught on fire in the Big West tournament and played a crucial role in the Tigers qualifying for the Big Dance. If he doesn’t do well, I expect the team to lose by a big margin.
  3. Depend on everyone on the team. The Tigers are a deep team with a 10 player rotation. These 10 players must shoot well from the 3 point-range (collectively, 40% or better) to have a fighting chance against the much bigger and stronger Hurricane team, who has 5 players listed 6’8” and HIGHER!
  4. Go out as a champion. This is Coach Bob Thomason’s last year as head coach for the Tigers. After 25 years at the helm, he will retire. Everyone knows this and they must give it everything that they have. They must be confident and prove to the world that they belong!

Now, I am going to delve into the mystic world of numerology and try to find out what it says about the Tiger’s future in the tournament. According to Wikipedia,

 Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding observed (or perceived) events.

The key number here is 7.

    • This will be the coaches last year with the program after 25 years. Two plus five is 7.
    • Coach Bob Thomason’s career record in the NCAA tournament is 2-4. If he loses Friday’s game, it will be 2-5, which matches with the number of years he coached the program, added together to get 7.
    • The last time the Tigers went to the Big Dance, it was in 2006, exactly 7 years ago.
    • The Tigers are currently on a 7 game winning streak.
    • The date of the game is 03/22, even with my limited math skills, I know this adds up to 7.
    • And finally, in the Hurricane’s last game, they defeated the University of North Carolina in the ACC Tournament with a score of 87-77 (numerology at play again, eh?).

But for those who doesn’t believe in numerology, if you stack this 2012-2013 seasonal games, the Tigers has a good shot in upsetting the Hurricanes.

Pacific Tigers BEAT St. Mary’s who BEAT Creighton who BEAT Indiana State (what, really?) who BEAT Miami Hurricanes (at MIAMI in overtime)!!!!

So as you can see from this model if you stack the games played this season, Pacific has a “gamblers” chance to defeat the #2 ranked Hurricanes! I am going to predict that the Tigers are EITHER going to WIN by 7 points or LOSE by 17 points. We will just see on Friday.

  • Youdontknoe

    I bet you $7 that pacific will win. Lol

  • George H

    Pacific 68
    Miami 61

    Let’s go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!