Stanislaus County Mandatory Rabies Reporting

Stanislaus County, CA – Recent concerns have circulated in regard to the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency intending to force veterinarians to disclose whether dogs they are treating are licensed or not. It was decided that mandatory reporting will not be implemented.

The Stanislaus Animal Services Agency recently announced their desire to discuss the topic of mandatory rabies vaccine reporting at the Northern San Joaquin Veterinary Medical Association meeting. The proposed mandatory rabies reporting was to protect public health and also to pursue and enforce dog licensing. The subject was discussed at the recent Association meeting.

Attendees all strongly supported responsible pet ownership and the importance of vaccination. However, at the meeting it was decided that rabies vaccine reporting should continue unchanged as a voluntary program, and not a mandatory program, in Stanislaus County. Enforcement of dog licensing through rabies vaccine reporting was not discussed at the meeting and there are no plans to pursue this.

Rabies vaccination requirement exists to protect the public health. State law requires the Agency to enforce rabies vaccination and dog licenses within the community. The rabies information is collected on a voluntary basis from local clinics, animal shelters and annually submitted to the state.

The Stanislaus Animal Services Agency continues to strongly encourage citizens to obtain a rabies vaccination for their dog in the best interest of protecting the health of their dog and the community. The Agency is a joint powers authority of the cities of Modesto, Ceres, Patterson, Waterford, Hughson and Stanislaus County.