Sonora, Modesto, Turlock = Amgen Tour of California 2013 Cities?

The Amgen Tour of California 2013 is less than a year away; however, tour organizers are accepting applications from various cities throughout the state to serve as starting and/or finishing cities.

Three local cities have applied. These cities are Sonora, Modesto and Turlock. In this year’s race, Sonora served as a starting city. I’ve talked to many resident and local businesses in and around the city and many welcomed the race. However, many local businesses lost money due to the race. Many resident and visitors only hung around at the start of the race. Once the race left Sonora, so did the visitors.

Hosting one leg of the race comes at a hefty price. This price is anywhere from $100,000 and up.

After being excluded from this year’s race, Modesto is trying again. Modesto would be a great city to finish in however, with the state of the local economy; it may be smart for Modesto organizers to pull their application.

And lastly, the city of Turlock is trying their luck. Tour organizers persuaded the city to complete the application and are in the process of completing it by Thursday. Turlock would be a great finishing city. The city hosted the NCAA Division II Track and Field Championship and did a fantastic job.

Overall, it would not be surprising if Sonora becomes the host city once again and this time, Turlock may become the finishing city. There are just too many issues with the city of Modesto to even consider hosting the country’s premier cycling race.