Serra-Gardena Crushes Oakdale in State Bowl, Coach Scott Altenberg Classless Winner?

cifThis past weekend, the CIF State Bowl games were played as Northern California teams traveled south to the HomeDepotCenter (Carson) for their games against their Southern foes. Modesto’s Central Catholic won impressively with a victory over Santa Fe Christian of Solana Beach 66-7 to claim the Division IV state title.

Below are the rest of results from this weekend’s state bowl games.

  • Open Division: Concord De La Salle 48, Corona Centennial 28
  • Division I: GraniteBay 21, Long Beach Poly 20
  • Division II: Gardena Serra 42, Oakdale 15
  • Division III: Madison 38, Kentfield Marin Catholic 35
  • Division IV: Modesto Central Catholic 66, Santa Fe Christian 7

It is apparent; the teams from the South are again overrated as usual and lost the series 3-2 to the northern teams.

However, the game that intrigued me the most was Division II’s Gardena Serra vs Oakdale matchup. In the first quarter, it was clearly obvious that the Oakdale team was the much slower and less talented team as Serra has players recruited by powerhouse colleges such as USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma.

It was going to be an easy day for the Serra team as they took a 35-0 halftime lead. But with minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, Serra called a fake punt on a 4th and 31, while still nursing a 35-0 lead! Division I prospect, Adoree Jackson easily weaved down the field and took the football 78 yards for a touchdown.

Yesterday, in the NFL the Seattle Seahawks’s coach Carroll called for a fake punt in the 4th quarter with a lead of 30 points. Many people today called out Carroll as a classless winner and were apparently trying to run up the score.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out as Carroll has a history of “running up the score”.

Why kick the opponent if they are already down? By faking the punt and shoving down more points against the opponent shows how much class they have. This was apparent in the Oakdale game, which leads me to conclude that Serra’s coach Scott Altenberg is a classless winner.

Why call for a fake punt with a little more than a quarter to go in the game? By calling a fake punt, you are risking injuries for these high school players. You win with dignity NOT by shoving it down another’s team throats when they are down. They’re down, stop kicking.

UPDATE: According to a LA Times blog post, Coach Altenberg did not call for the fake punt. However, he should have done a better job informing his players to NOT fake the punt while up 35 points. Then again, these are Southern California kids, what else would you expect.

  • jackkapper

    Yeah, coach altenberg has a reputation for doing things like this. You are up by 35 points, why fake a punt at their OWN 20 yard line or so? Serra = classless winners!!!!!!!

  • get*over*it!

    Stop whining about the punt! ! Oakdale was so Overrated! ! They’re plenty other team that should have been there! ! Classless is what your doing now!! Talking crap and looking for some reason to make you guys feel better about getting your mustang ass kick back home with a loss!!! Just can’t take a loss like a champ!! Boo you!