Second LOVE Salida: A Resounding Success

SALIDA, CA – The Salida community came out in force for their second time participating in LOVE Salida. Projects expanded from three projects last September to six projects this year which included new projects such as the clean-up of the median on Salida Boulevard, clean-up of Sisk Elementary School, clean-up of Segesta Park and an empty lot across from


the park. Local area farmer, Dennis Bowers, assisted the effort by using his farm equipment to clear the empty lot. Another new project added was sign-ups at Salida Park for the newly-formed Salida Chamber of Commerce. Salida’s new chamber will support and promote business in Salida with the goal of incorporating Salida as a city.

Rotary Club of Salida and Gregori High Interact Clubs worked on the center median on Broadway changing the banners, trimming bushes, and other landscape maintenance. Salida Rotary also collected used mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other equipment to be refurbished and distributed through Hope Haven.

Projects continued from last year were the organization of books at the Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library and the canned food collection drive for Salida’s Food Bank.

The Salida Christian Fellowship Church offered free car washes for all LOVE Salida participants. Participation in LOVE Salida was up over last year by forty-four percent and over thirty-three “LOVE Salida”  t-shirts were sold. If you participated in LOVE Salida, please take the survey to provide your feedback for improvements and ideas for the next LOVE Salida event.

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    Another excellent article by Katherine Borges! Next years Love Salida event could take place on a different day than love modesto. Watcha think? I say the ayes have it!