Recently Released Registered Sex Offender Assaults Modesto Teenager

Modesto, CA- Modesto Police officers arrest a suspect for sexually assaulting a female teenager as she rode a city bus, while on her way to school. The suspect is a registered sex offender and had just been released from a California State Prison yesterday.

On Tuesday, September 18th, at about 0730 a.m., Modesto Police officers were called to a disturbance, on a Modesto Area Express (MAX) city bus, as it was traveling through downtown Modesto. A citizen reported a female teen was being sexually assaulted by a male passenger. The citizen was riding the bus when he witnessed the assault. He then exited the bus as it passed the police station, at 10th Street and G Street, and summoned for aid. Officers responded as the bus pulled into the Transit Center, on 9th Street, in downtown Modesto.

When officers boarded the bus, they saw a group of citizen’s physically restraining 37-year-old, Kevin Michael Long. Long was quickly handcuffed by officers and transported to the police station.

Investigators learned Long was released yesterday from Corcoran State Prison and had been paroled to Modesto. Long stayed at the Modesto Gospel Mission last night and this morning. Long got on a MAX city bus on Yosemite Boulevard, near the Gospel Mission. The 15-year-old victim was already on the bus and was on her way to school. Long attempted to engage in a conversation with the 15-year-old teen and made several unwanted sexual comments to her. Long then lunged at the victim and sexually assaulted her. Other passengers on the bus intervened in the assault and pulled Long away from the victim. They then held Long on the ground until officers arrived.

“We were very fortunate in this case that several concerned citizens immediately took action and stopped the ongoing assault,” said Acting Captain Scott Heller, who is the Investigation Services Division Commander. “Their actions not only aided in preventing further assault on the victim, but also in the apprehension of this violent predator.”

Long was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail for lewd acts with a minor, sexual battery, and parole violation.