Randy Quaid and his wife stopped at customs

US actor Randy Quaid, who had taken refuge in Montreal for more than two years, was arrested Friday night while trying to cross the US border in Vermont.

The 65 year old man and his wife Evi were detained at the border of Highgate Springs / Saint-Armand, then transferred to different prisons.

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee status was Thursday ordered the release of the couple, but it was to be deported to the United States over the next few days.

Randy Quaid, who appeared in Independence Day and BrokebackMountain, is the subject of an arrest warrant in the United States and should be criminally charged. With his wife, he fled the United States in 2010, claiming to be victim of persecution.The couple lived in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa before settling in Montreal in January 2013. The application for permanent residence in Canada was denied them in December 2012.

Deputy Prosecutor Santa Barbara District in California, said this week that the United States had filed a request for extradition to the place of Randy Quaid for a vandalism case. The couple is also wanted for failing to appear in court in November 2010 while he was on parole.

Randy Quaid had appeared before the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board Thursday afternoon in Montreal. He was immediately released, the Commissioner Dianne Tordof having decided that there was no reason to keep the accused in custody.

Randy Quaid was previously arrested by the Commission in May and then released. He had paid a deposit of $ 10,000 and was subjected to a series of conditions.