Police Investigate Found Human Remains

Modesto, CA– Resident Locates Suspected Human Remains in Front Yard.

On Friday, December 13th, 2013 at 4:45 p.m. the Stanislaus County Regional 911 Center received a call from a resident in the 800 block of Marshall Ave stating he found what appeared to be human remains in his front yard. Modesto Police Officers responded and visually examined the item.  The officers came to the same conclusion as the home owner and detectives were notified. Upon further inspection by detectives and the responding Stanislaus County Deputy-Coroner it is strongly believed the remains found are of a partial human skull.

Detectives and police officers conducted a nighttime search of the immediate area, but no additional evidence was found. At this point it is believed a small animal such as a bird or dog deposited the partial remains in the front yard. The California Office of Emergency Services was contacted and a request was made for search and rescue dogs trained in the recovery of human remains. 

The following morning detectives canvassed the area and spoke with people living in the neighborhood.  Most backyards and vacant buildings in the vicinity were checked. Three search and rescue dogs arrived by 12:00 p.m. The dogs and their handlers were teamed up with detectives and members of the Modesto Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team to form search groups.

Nearby open fields, alleys and canal banks were searched. No additional evidence has been found at this time.

The partial remains recovered were not enough to provide any type of identification out in the field. Detectives are hoping a forensic examination will provide more clues. At this time the sex, age, or race is unknown.