Over $23,000 in Heavy Construction Equipment Recovered with an Anonymous Tip

Modesto, CA– Modesto Police officers and detectives have recovered over $23,000 in heavy construction equipment after receiving an anonymous tip as to its location. 


On Thursday, September 20th, Modesto Police Property Crimes detectives and officers working in the newly created Burglary Patrol Detail served a search warrant at a residence in the 2700 block of Merle Avenue.  They had received a tip that a recently stolen Skyjack Scissorlift would be found on the property.  Officers began to follow-up on the tip and were able to develop enough information to obtain a search warrant for the residence. 


When officers and detectives arrived at the residence, they recovered the stolen Scissorlift as well as additional heavy construction equipment.  The Scissorlift was determined to have been stolen on September 18th from a construction site at the Days Inn, located at 1312 McHenry Avenue.  The additional stolen construction equipment, which included a 21-foot trailer, a Bobcat Bucket, a Backhoe Bucket and a 24” and a 36” Auger, were all determined to have been stolen on September 4th from a construction site at Mary Grogan Community Park, located next Enochs High School.        


The owner of the residence, 34-year-old Carlos Nava, was not home at the time of the service of the search warrant. Investigators learned Nava was already in custody in the Stanislaus County Jail for an unrelated crime.  Detectives contacted Nava at the jail and re-booked him for grand theft, related to the Scissorlift.  Nava will face additional charges for possessing the additional stolen property.       


The Modesto Police Department has recently established a Burglary Patrol Detail, which is made up of both uniformed and undercover officers to proactively suppress the recent increase in property crimes.  These officers provide high visibility patrol and enforcement in areas of the city that have experienced a comparatively high degree of reported property crimes.