On-Street Bicycle Parking Installed Downtown

Modesto’s first bicycle corral (on-street bicycle parking facility) is being installed downtown! The bicycle corral is being placed in the parking lane, adjacent to the curb, at the corner of 11th and J Streets. Bicycle corrals are a relatively new concept, but are rapidly growing in popularity, especially in urban settings. They provide convenient parking for cyclists within the vehicle parking zone along the street, negating the need for bicycles to be brought up on the sidewalk where they have the potential to conflict with pedestrian travel.

The Urban Design Group of the Downtown Modesto Partnership chose to install the first facility in front of Preservation Coffee and Tea, as it a popular destination for cyclists.  The bicycle corral is being placed in the red zone, so it won’t displace any vehicle parking and will provide a better overall utility of the street. The Urban Design group coordinated with the business in advance, to verify support and also to ensure the business would be able to sweep the space, as it will not be accessible to street sweepers. The business happily agreed.

Volunteers from the Urban Design Group will be painting the space on Saturday and the facility should be complete by early next week.  If successful, more facilities will be installed in the future.