Olsen’s legislative package seeks governance reform, protects students

SACRAMENTO ––Assemblymember Kristin Olsen’s (R-Modesto) 2013 legislative bill package includes measures focused on protecting California’s students financially and physically, while seeking out governance reform measures and honoring veterans.
Olsen has introduced the following bills:
  • ACA 2 (School Deferrals) – Joint-authored with Assemblymember Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert) the Act would prohibit the legislature from deferring payments to California’s schools.  It forces the Legislature and Governor to account for state funding shortfalls in an open way so that voters can accurately judge what is actually spent on education without the mask of budget manipulation.
  • ACA 4 (Legislative Transparency) – ACA 4 would increase transparency in the Legislature by requiring all bills to be in print and available online for at least 72-hours before any legislative action can be taken.
  • ACA 10 & AB 1075 (Proposition 14 Fix) – would amend the California Constitution to allow non-federal candidates for state office who receive 60% or more in a primary election to be declared the winner, eliminating the need to have a costly general election.
  • AB 138 (CSU Tuition Guarantee) – guarantees a fixed tuition rate for in-state freshman students at California State University campuses for a period of four years. CSU transfer students would be guaranteed a static tuition rate for two years.
  • AB 150 (Free State Parks Admission for Veterans) – would give honorably discharged and current active duty members of the military free admission to California’s State Parks on Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays.
  • AB 151 (ADA Modification Permits for Vets) – will allow local jurisdictions the option of waiving building and inspection permit fees for ADA-type modifications to homes owned by veterans with service-related disabilities.
  • AB 223 (Local Government ADA Reform) – would permit local governments a window of 60 days to correct any ADA violations before a lawsuit could be brought forth, just as business are now granted.
  • AB 430 (Teacher Professional Growth Plan) – would create a Teacher Professional Growth Plan that would make teacher assessments more meaningful by implementing clear and flexible standards for each local governing board to adopt as they see best fit for their schools. The standards outlined in TPGP would include observation components, the creation of four specific evaluation categories, teacher input and benchmark assessments to measure student growth. These standards would be used in annual evaluations to help both teachers and students continue on the path to success.
  • AB 928 (Private School Test) – would allow private schools the opportunity to purchase the same standardized tests administered in California’s public schools.
  • AB 948 (Charter School Facility Grant Program) – Under current law, charter schools that have a student population where 70% or more quality for free or reduced lunch receive grant funding to rent and lease facilities. Much of this fund sits idle with additional money available. AB 948 would reduce the 70% threshold by 1% until all budgeted funds are allocated.
  • AB 1067 (Panic Alarms) – would equip schools with panic buttons that give law enforcement an opportunity to respond immediately in the event of a campus emergency.
“The bills I have proposed have a specific focus on reforming our government so it works for the people again while bringing relief and safety to our students and schools,” said Olsen. “Many of these bills put power back in the hands of our communities, which I think is a great starting point for reforms to take root. I am also proud to carry bills that honor some of our country’s most deserving – our veterans.”