Olsen’s 72-hours in print bill sent to suspense file before bill hearing began

Sacramento – Today, Assemblymember Kristin Olsen’s (R- Modesto) ACA 4 was sent to the suspense file by Budget Subcommittee No. 6 before testimony was given on the bill, effectively preventing the committee members from taking a vote for or against increasing transparency in state government. ACA 4 would require that legislation be in print for 72 hours before a vote can be taken.
“It was disappointing to learn, before we even began testimony, that the bill would be moved to the suspense file, where most bills effectively go to die,” said Olsen. “However, I intend keep working with members of the committee to address concerns and make sure that Californians have the open and transparent government that they deserve.”
Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis), who is carrying the identical bill in SCA 10 on the Senate side, testified in support of the measure as well as Philip Ung from Common Cause, Paul Smith of Rural County Representatives of California, and Jim Ewert of the California Newspaper Publishers Association and Dan Carrigg of the League of California Cities.
There was no opposition to the bill and committee members did not take a vote.
“Considering there was no known opposition to the bill, the committee analysis was completely unbalanced,” said Carrigg. “It essentially argued that the legislature is entitled to minimum transparency, and certainly not those requirements that are applied to other levels of government.”
The bill will only come off the suspense file if and when the committee decides to take it up again.