Ohio Lose Jobs as Kasich Favors TPP, Illegals, Amnesty, Obamacare

ohio-state-jobs-kasich-badIf you live in Ohio and voting for GOP Republican candidate John Kasich, you may want to reconsider. Under Kasich’s watch, the state of Ohio has lost over 112,500 jobs and many more high-paying manufacturing jobs. In addition if elected president, Kasich will grant amnesty to the over 12 million illegal immigrants and their offsprings, support and continue Obamacare and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreements.

Whomever you vote, just know this, Kasich has stated, “If I get to be president, I’m going to golf.” America does not need another President who is lazy and doesn’t care about our well-beings. We need someone who is going to make America great again! The steel and coal industry was devasted by NAFTA, which was suppoorted by Kasich and this will worsen with the TPP. Below are articles and well-researched studies about the TPP.



Even if Kasich were to win Ohio, he won’t win the GOP Presidential nominee. He is currently at 63 delegates. The required amount of 1,237 delegates won’t be reached even if he wins Ohio. He is far from it. That is why a vote for Kasich will be a wasted one, so don’t waste yours!


  • Johnny Thorne

    So many people would vote to be beheaded if the candidate smiled at them. Stupid.

  • mioman

    he should be stumping with hillary and bernie