New In-N-Out Burger in Modesto 2013: 2nd Site Coming Soon

new-in-n-out-modesto-2013It appears that the popular burger chain In-N-Out Burgers is opening a second location in Modesto, CA. This location previously was home to Black Angus steakhouse. The new Modesto In-N-Out Burger will have an official address of 1616 Sisk Rd, Modesto, CA95350. Both In-N-Out restaurants are closely situated near Highway 99, which are ideal spots for fast-food restaurants.

New associates will start off at a minimum of $10.50 an hour, which is better than most fast-food restaurants. In addition, new hires may receive benefits such as free meals, paid vacations, and 401k plans. For more information on employment, please visit

The first In-N-Out Burger in Modesto located on 3900 Pelandale Avenue will not close. This first location is situated near an empty building, which was previously leased to Save-Mart Supermarkets. Now, since the lot is empty due to Save-Mart’s relocation to an adjacent shopping center, that area is just another hangout spot for young adults, who appear to have nothing else to do on a Friday or Saturday night so they just stand there and stare at each other until they have enough and move on.