National Mortgage Settlements Checks Lands in CA: Amount of $1,484.21

national-mortgage-settlement-checks-2013According to numerous sources, National Mortgage Settlement Checks have finally landed in the state of California. The amount of all the checks that I know of are all in the amount of $1,484.21. The address on the upper left hand corner states that it is from the California Department of Justice with a Minnesota address.

About 207,000 checks were sent out to California residents this week in part of a claim that involved wrongful foreclosures and their mortgage lenders (Bank of America, Ally Financial, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo). The state of California took a big chunk of the $42 billion national settlement with more than $20 billion in compensation and homeowner relief.

Rust Consulting, a company in Minnesota, handled all of the mailings and have said to mail out most, if not all, of the checks going to people, who filed a claim. June 17th will be the last day of the mailings so at the latest, if all things goes well, people should get their National Mortgage Settlement checks by next week.

For more information about the settlement please visit,

If you have received your National Mortgage Settlement Check, please comment below. Please state the amount and the city or state you received the check in. Thank-you.


  • steve

    IT was june 25th

  • scott goebel

    I have called and called and called. they have a call center that cannot answer the simple question: WHERE IS MY MONEY?? they said that they do not know when the checks will be issued. its been 3 months since they “mailed” my check and it still has not arrived. in my opinion they are liars and thieves. this is pure outright fraud and someone needs to do something. any lawyers out there? I smell a class action suit.

  • mtaz

    Yes, still waiting. I call at least twice a week and get the same script, “it is processing”, really? for 12 weeks, shameful!!

  • trigger

    Guess everyone got their check but me. It is quite here.

  • Chimere

    I have not received a penny from those dogs yet…….

  • trigger

    Still waiting, northern CA.

  • Karen Shackleford

    Hi Trigger,

    My name is Karen and I finally got my check, the 7th week, Monday 9-16-13.
    I called every other day and expressed my sympathy to the poor people that had to answer the phones, but had no answers for us. I told them I needed someone to yell at, but didn’t want to yell at them. They finally said it is out of the reissue process, and that was Thursday 9-12-13. I asked how long, and they said at that point 7-10 days. I was glad to have it. You know this piddley amount of $ is nothing compared to what we lost, and the banks still made out better than we did. They still got their bonus’s and bailed out by the Government, and we got a sorry $1480.00 what a joke!!

  • Chimere

    They are not going to bully me the NMS a holes called me and told me to stop contacting this jerk named Luther Hermansen about my payment. Funny to me that he knew the anticipated month of September for my groups checks to go out but he can’t answer all other calls bs. I will continue to call him since he did kindly put all of his info to be contacted about this matter..

  • trigger

    Who does Luther work for, NMS or theBBB. Maybe he can help us all!

  • angela

    I posted about 15 days ago about not getting a check. I filed a complaint with the BBB and the NMS told them that the set of checks that Im in will go out at the end of Sept beginning of Oct. so Im waiting if its not out by then im going to keep filing complaints until i get a check. So to get some type of time frame you gonna have to file the complaint with the BBB. I hope this helps

  • trigger

    Please let us know. I called this morning and was told to call back the END of October.

  • Chimere

    He works for those Dogs NMS and he could care less if we get it or not. I’m going to continue to contact him as well they are such liars I prove to them their own words and they still want to lie….

  • trigger

    How do I find out what group I am in?

  • angela

    i had to file a complaint with the BBB when they told me this

  • Trice

    I was told on july 1st that mu check was mailed and since it couldn’t be located theu would re-issue. 3 months later I am still in the “re-issue process”. I called my AG and theu were no help either. I am strongly considering contacting an attorney to start a class action lawsuit against NMS.

  • trigger

    3 Months, no check in northern CA!

  • Chimere

    same here Trigger

  • trigger

    Hope you got your check as promised. Still waiting here.

  • Carlia Sanderson

    Because they put divorced couples names on the same check after filling out 2 separate forms at 2 different addresses. A check issued in June and lost in the mail 2 months later. And the list goes on. Maybe they should learn to be more careful about losing checks that people never received, or more honest about checks they claim they sent, then suggesting re-issuing to stall time. BOA should have taken care of because or you, I and all the other 100’s of 1000’s wouldn’t be on here. Maybe that will help you.

  • Carlia Sanderson

    Greg, I’m quite sure chapa understands now, about the various reasons a check is to be re-issued, if not, the local bank can explain why it should be done. But what I don’t get is, chapa seems to think you can lose a check that you’ve never received.

  • angela

    I filed another complaint with the BBB and I was told that I should receive my check by the 16th of October, and if I haven’t they gave me a direct contact to the mediator that is handling the claims. So keep the faith they coming.

  • Chimere

    Got it!!!! It was dated on the 10th of this month so hopfully Trigger and Angela you will be seeing yours very soon don’t give up……

  • D

    FINALLY GOT MINE TODAY! Modesto, CA…I almost cried!!! What a LONG three month wait!

  • angela

    thats great chimere Im still waiting 🙁

  • angela


  • angela

    I got a letter from the NMS that stated they didnt have my SS# after waiting all this time, and sending back the other check. They sent me a W9 form and I sent it back. Just another tactic to stall on giving people their money. Make sure they have a w9 for your case if you havent received a check. They could have told me that months ago.

  • K

    Still waiting on my check and no date as of 11/11/13

  • Michelle

    Rust told me on Oct.30 that my check was out of what they call “processing”,called everyday after that to get a maiing date..FINALLY on Nov. 8th I was told my check was in the mail and to give it two weeks… I’m well aware of how this incompetent company works, so I called Rust every other day to confirm my check was in the mail and was told it was mailed out every single time… Well, the 2 weeks are up and no check so I call them yesterday and they proceed to tell me that my check NEVER was mailed !!! RUST BLATANTLY LIED TO ME FOR TWO WEEKS TELLING ME MY CHECK WAS MAILED!!! THIS A HORRID VILE COMPANY!!!!

  • disqus_8CyqZjrJtn

    Michelle I am sorry to hear that. I still waiting too no date yet. I have called several times and keep getting told to just keep calling. They plan to have all checks mailed by end of the year. I just keep hoping to get the check soon but not looking promising.

  • Garri

    Have not received my check as of today.. san fernando valley

  • J in Ca.

    Finally arrived in Ca. on 12/13 check dated 12/3/13. Hope the rest of you don’t have to wait much longer.

  • angela

    I have not received a check yet ill post when I do. These people are the worst.

  • Judy in CA

    Was told in October check would be mailed out in 4-6 weeks. Mid-November still no check. Started calling every week and was told definitely by end of year. It is now mid-January and they just told me my check was still being processed. Considering calling the BBB to file a complaint. This has got to be the worst example of inefficiency…..

  • Harvey

    Their site has yet to be updated. I was sent a letter in July stating I have been overlooked, and should expect a check in December. This is according to their letter sent, and chatting with their reps on the phone. Well, mid January, and no update, and no check. Should not be surprised based on what I am seeing below.

  • Timothy

    Totally agree…… the reps really have no clue what is going on, just read from a script, and send you to their site, which has not been updated in ages…..

  • Harvey

    Now the new message states checks should arrive between Jan and March 2014….. ugh

  • angela

    here is the number to their main office 612 359 2000 If enough of us call and inconvenience them they should make something happen I been told lie after lie they need to b held accountable

  • sofia

    I have contacted the RUST and i was told my claim was received but after calling again three days later . I was told by a supervisor that my claim was never received and that she apologizes for the wrong information that i was given. I was upset and dont know what to do at this time. I told them that i did sign and i confirmed it was received.

  • angela

    I called Monday after calling the actual office from the number I left below and i was told that my check is being mailed on 1-29-14 after waiting since july of last year. i will et you guys know when i get it

  • angela

    i did get the check i hop you guys get yours soon i got it on that saturday… good luck!!!!

  • Mrmike

    I rec’d a check today, it was dated February 28 and made out to my wife and I. $1458.00
    Had given up but a very nice surprise, hope it doesn’t bounce and hope everyone still waiting gets there’s soon… Covina, ca