MPD Releases a 10-Year Crime Trends Report

Modesto, CA– The Modesto Police Department is releasing a 10-year crime trend report. This report represents a comprehensive analysis of the crime trends in Modesto over the last decade.

The information is presented to provide the reader with a better understanding of how crime has evolved and provide the community leaders and citizens of Modesto a historical perspective to assist in developing future public safety strategies.

This report includes documented crimes as well as a per capita comparison between the City of Modesto and the State of California. It is intended to demonstrate where Modesto’s crime has been, where it presently stands, and serve as a point of reference as we plan for our future.

“Every year crime statistics are published by the Police Department and reported to the Department of Justice. Often times, those statistics are compared year to year without a long term view of what is occurring in the community,” wrote Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll, “The goal of this report and future annual reports is to provide a historical look at crime in our community. I believe this shows a clear picture of the challenges we face as a police department and a community.”

The Modesto Police Department 10-Year Crime Trend Report can be viewed online at