ModStock Modesto 2012 – 2nd Annual Event on August 18

If you love Rock and Roll, then Modesto’s Modstock 2012 may be just the event for you. The all-day FREE event which is set for Saturday, August 18, will feature 26 local bands.

The event will be held at 401 Needham Ave Modesto, CA, Graceada Park’s Mancini Bowl, with a start time of 10am and will end when it is dark (9:00pm?).

Organizers have stated that this will be a family event, full of food, drinks and games. In addition there will be bounce houses and various arts and crafts for the kids.

The circus-like music festival will include the following performers, many of whom with interesting, yet laughable band names: Forgiven Souls, Morning Sacrifice, Bad Reputation, The Supers, The Matrix, The Black Skulls, Fractured, Without A Cause, Peak Amplitude, Rebel G, Paradox, Poison Whiskey, The Resistance, Scream, Breaking B.A.D., Rescued By Ransom, Mr. Rogers, The Awful, The Great West End, High voltage, The Youth Gone Wild, Between The Lines, Monkey Knife Fight, Victoria Boyington, We, The Same and Whodunnit.

  • Jacque

    Can’t wait! Modstock 2012 is going to be fun. I will finally get to watch local bands perform for FREE!!!

  • Harry

    modesto’s modstock 2012 = what a joke! bunch of local bands who couldn’t make the big stage. they all suck! modesto = worst city in the central valley. too many mexicans and no jobs!