Modesto’s UltraRunner Jon Olsen Wins GOLD in 24HR Ultra Worlds 2013

iau-marathon-jon-olsen-2013-wins-team-usaThis past weekend, Modesto resident, math teacher at Prescott Junior High School, and ultra-runner, Jon Olsen beat more than 270 runners in Steenbergen, Netherlands in the 24-hour Ultra-World Championships, which is similar to the Olympics for 24 hour ultra-racers. Olsen lead Team USA with a personal record of 116 laps of the 1.4 looped course, which is equivalent to 167.568 MILES or 269.675KM.

Leading up to the race, Olsen had numerous setbacks such as injuries which prevented him from practicing at full-strength, poor flight arrangements, and bad weather. However, someway, somehow, Olsen powered his way to the Gold Medal with the victory propelling Team USA to the team victory.

Below are the rest of results of the 24hr World & European Championships 2013, Steenbergen, the Netherlands.


Gold — Jon Olsen USA 269.675 km

Silver — John Dennis USA 262.734 km

Bronze — Florian Reus GER 259.939 km


Gold — Mami Kudo JPN 252.205 km

Silver — Sabrina Little USA 244.669 km

Bronze — Suzanna Bon USA 236.228 km

Team – Men:

Gold — United States of America 780.552 km

Silver — Japan 752.567 km

Bronze — Germany 752.007 km

Team Women:

Gold — United States of America 710.599 km

Silver — Japan 705.582 km

Bronze — France 670.698 km