Modesto’s Hawaii-bound QB Aaron Zwahlen set for Mormon Mission Instead of Football

u-of-hawaii-logo-eduOne of Modesto’s biggest and brightest sports athletes to ever come out of the area, former Downey High school quarterback, Aaron Zwahlen has decided to delay his college and football career at the University of Hawaii and instead serve a two-year Mormon mission.

Due to the recent changes of the LDS Church policies in October 2012, the church announced that young men have the option of serving a mission at age 18 if they have graduated from high school. In addition, young women may serve beginning at age 19 instead of 21.

Zwahlen has decided to do his missionary work, starting this year instead of going to school for one year and come back two years later. He will be 20 years-old by the time he enrolls at Hawaii to start his summer school studies in June 2015.

At 6’3” tall and weighing in at 189 pounds, Zwahlen became a fast rising prospect late in the college football recruiting cycle. He is a prototypical pocket passer who has great arm accuracy and deceptive speed. He was ranked as the 155th best player in the nation with a scout grade of 83 according to ESPN.