Modesto’s Captain America Bandit Captured


Modesto, CA– Modesto Police officers arrested the suspect who wore a “Captain America” Halloween masked and robbed two businesses earlier this wee
k.  His attempt to rob a third Modesto business yesterday was foiled by an alert employee.

On Wednesday, December 12th, at about 4 P.M., Modesto Police officers were called to Rogers Jewelry, located at 3600 Sisk Road in northwest Modesto for a report of an attempted robbery.  Employees at the jewelry store reported a heavy set male wearing a ski mask and armed with a baseball bat attempted to enter the store.  An alert Rogers Jewelry employee, upon seeing the suspect approaching the business, immediately locked the front door, preventing the suspect from entering the business.

After the suspect attempted to open the front door and realized it was locked, he returned to his parked white Ford Focus and drove away.  Employees of the store then reported the attempted robbery and provided officers with the vehicle description.

Modesto Police officer Jim Reeves who was nearby, heard the call and began to look for the white Ford Focus. Within minutes, Officer Reeves located the suspect vehicle near Dale Road and Braden Avenue. A traffic stop was made and the driver was detained. The driver, 22-year-old Aaron Gonzalez of Modesto, was arrested without incident.

Inside the car, officers located a ski mask, baseball bat and firearm.  Gonzalez was positively identified by Rogers Jewelry employees as being the suspect who attempted to enter the business earlier.  Employees also recognized Gonzalez as the suspect who previously robbed the jewelry store on August 13th.  In that incident the suspect wore a mask and used a baseball bat to smash a glass display counter and took several items of jewelry.

When Modesto Police detectives questioned Gonzalez about the Rogers Jewelry attempted robbery investigation, they learned Gonzalez had been involved in a recent crime spree that included three other robberies.  In addition to linking Gonzalez to the attempted robbery at Rogers Jewelry, detectives learned Gonzalez had committed the prior robbery at Rogers Jewelry on August 13th, as well as the two robberies on Monday, where Gonzalez wore a “Captain America” Halloween mask to rob Check ‘N’ Go Cashing and the William Douglas Jewelry store.

Detectives went to Gonzalez’ home and recovered additional evidence linking him to the robberies, including the recovery of the “Captain America” Halloween mask.

Gonzalez was booked into the Stanislaus County jail yesterday evening for three counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery.