Modesto’s American Graffiti 2013: George Lucas Hates Modesto?

modesto-american-graffiti-2013Modesto’s 15th annual American Graffiti Car Parade 2013 ended this past Sunday and what made this year’s event extra special was the fact that George Lucas, Modesto’s “Prodigal Son”, came back as the Grand Marshall.

In an interview with Marjike Rowland of The Modesto Bee, it appears that Lucas was uncomfortable with the questions asked. I’m not sure if he hates Modesto or disliked Rowland’s interviewing style, but Lucas only appeared in public for less than 4 hours and later in the evening went back home.

This exact same sentiment was shared by others on Twitter.



It wasn’t easy for the 69 year-old multi-billionaire, whose fiancée is only 44 years-old (15 years age difference), to come to Modesto and participate in a public event. It took his younger sister, grabbing his arm and almost breaking it a couple years ago, before he agreed to come to Modesto’s “premier” event. Perhaps if she did a twister on her older brother, he would have come a year earlier.

  • ModestoDude

    Of course, he does. Lucas hasn’t done anything for the city of Modesto. I wonder if he even donated any money to the event or some special cause that benefits the city. I highly doubt it. He is too busy building some art center in the Bay.

  • Marketing Lions

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