Modesto Regional Fire Authority Badge Pinning

On January 16th The Modesto Regional Fire Authority gathered at the Johansen High school theater to celebrate the promotion of over 30 of its members. The festivities were kicked off by local high school student Elisha Michael Akard playing the bag pipes and leading the MRFA Honor Guard on to the stage to present the colors.

The keynote addresses were presented by MRFA Board chair person Tom Burns and by Fire Chief Gary Hinshaw. Both gentlemen spoke of the accomplishments of those getting promoted, what it took for three separate fire organizations to come together as one, and of the prospects for a bright future.

The evening was capped off by the badge pinning of MRFA personnel by those they admired or loved ones. Each promote had the opportunity to publicly thank those who have been instrumental in their lives and their career development. Many of those attending were overheard to say “what a wonderful family based affair the evening was.”

The Modesto Regional Fire Authority was created by the joining of the Modesto Fire department, The Salida Fire Protection District and the Stanislaus County Fire Warden’s office/Office of emergency Services. The goal of the new fire authority is to provide effective and efficient fire and life safety services to the community, along with the identification and implementation of efficiencies designed to be mindful of the ever challenging economic resources.