Modesto Police Department, Target, Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers and Rank Investigations to host “Heroes & Helpers” Event


The Modesto Police Department and Target, with assistance from Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers and Rank Investigations, will host a Heroes and Helpers event to help and/or reward children in Stanislaus County.  The students were selected by nomination for one of the following categories

A student, who is making a difference in their community (created a program or project to benefit the community; is cleaning up graffiti or feeding the homeless; created a community garden or recycling program; etc.).

A student who was doing poorly in school, but has turned his or her life around and is getting straight A’s, or good grades. 

A student, who has suffered a tragedy in their family, or is suffering from a debilitating disease, but continues to push forward despite their hardships. 

A student, who has dealt with adversity, but has turned their life around and now helps others deal with similar adversity.

The Heroes and Helpers event will help children from throughout Stanislaus County purchase holiday gifts for themselves or their family members, and fosters strong community relationships by pairing public safety officials with youth, who will be given the opportunity to shop with funds obtained through generous donations.

Members of the Modesto Police Department K9 Unit will conduct a K9 Demonstration and members of the SWAT Team will be at the event with the SWAT Rig. Representatives from the Modesto Police Department Crime Prevention, Gang Intervention & Prevention, and Crime Stoppers will be on hand to provide valuable tips and information.


Officers from the Modesto Police Department, Target team members and 15 students will be available to provide brief remarks, as well as details about the Heroes and Helpers program.


            Sunday, December 8th, 2013 from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM


            Target, 3405 McHenry Avenue, Modesto CA


            Children shopping with local public safety officials and Target team members for holiday gifts for them or their families.  Police K9 demonstrations, SWAT Truck, Crime Prevention, Gang Prevention, and Crime Stoppers tables.