Modesto Gunman Dead In Home: Shooter Goes Down With Fire

MODESTO, CA- Late last night around 10:13PM, a controlled fire torched the apartment quadplex, where the suspected gunman James H Ferrario, was barricaded. Sheriff Adam Christianson said that the SWAT team threw CS gas and flash bangs into the apartment complex.

CS gas is tear gas! CS gas is 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (also called o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile) (chemical formula: C10H5ClN2), a cyanocarbon, is the defining component of a “tear gas” commonly referred to as CS gas, which is used as a riot control agent. Apparently, the SWAT team used a “riot” control agent for a “standoff”.

A flashbang is also known as a stun grenade or flash grenade which is a non-lethal weapon. These grenades are used to temporally neutralize the combat effectiveness of enemies by disorienting their senses. Apparently they did more than that.

According to Sheriff Christianson, the suspect is most like to be dead or killed due to the fire, which was caused by the SWAT team’s actions. The loud bangs heard at temporary sequences was perhaps due to the fire engulfing electronic equipments, heaters, batteries and/or items that are fire “sensitive”.

Over 15 different enforcement agencies from all over theCentral Valleycame in to “help” and from the news coverage on TV, showed most of these authorities just “hanging around”.

Instead of aggressively putting out the fire, firefighters received orders to contain it. The goal was to flush out the suspect and NOT to kill him. Sure… However, it was too late as the suspect is most likely dead.

Quick Updates:

  1. People’s belongings such photos, money, deeds, laptops are located in their home. And all of that, at least for 4 families, was allowed to be burned by authorities.
  2. According to sources, the suspect was on Facebook, messaging his “friend’s list” privately and somehow law enforcement was able to interrupt this.
  3. 1 deputy, 1 bystander aka civilian and 1 suspect most likely are dead events from yesterday and today.
  4. Authorities called out the suspect’s name via megaphone. And according to many the message was “Jimmy, we know that you can hear us. Pick up the phone.”
  5. The American Red Cross helped with the civilians who were affected from the day’s events such as moving their belongings and providing meals.
  6. The people who lived in and around the burning apartment was sent to the nearby Prescott Evangelical Free Church at3000 Prescott Road Modesto,CA95350.
  7.  The suspected gunman/shooter is described as a Latino/Hispanic/Mexican male in his 40s and is over 6 feet tall.
  8. Christianson confirmed that the suspect was NOT blogging about the event on 4chan, contrary to what FOX40 news reported. This is definitely a hit on their reliability as a news source.
  9. The staff at FOX40 news printed out over 50 pages of forum postings from the 4chan website. And as you can see from the picture, what does a picture of an angry cat and Lavar Burton have to do with the shooting? The staff at FOX40 news took the 4chan website as a reliable source, which was an incredibly inane unreliable, unuseful source that they probably should regret.
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    trolled hard.

  • Charlie Lhai

    Implying CS gas is limited to riots only. Maybe you need to read the wiki article again and realize this is exactly what CS gas is used for. As in this case, CS gas would be used to flush him out of his apartment and/or having the gas decrease visibility for a breach while the suspect is incapacitated choking to death. It’s the exact same idea as what they used the fire for, except far less destructive.

    Also, why does your title say “dead” while in the article you only say he is “mostlikely” dead? You don’t even know if he’s dead or not.

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  • food for thought

    1 of 2 things happend.

    The official version as stated by the law enforcement mouthpiece.


    2 Sherrif’s and one locksmith thought they could intimidate a person who was being rightfully evicted, so they could get on with their day. Things go terribly wrong, suspect? actually does the shooting, maybe. Maybe one of the Sherrif’s went overboard gung-ho(I know it’s rare for cops to do this), shot the suspect, shot the witness(locksmith), and maybe the suspect still got one of the cops, or maybe it was crossfire. Nobody but law enforcement knows the details.

    So this is why they had to make such a scene out of it, CYA mode. This is why they tactically released certain information while at the same time claiming to not know anything. They were in control of the situation, they are in control of the information. They control the narrative. What they say, is the official version. I only say this because of the many times stories like these play out on the news, it is true that law enforcement always gives limited information, but they rarely try to control the narrative and how the events play out. Waco anyone? It normally happens as it is and they respond as things unfold. It seems this time, they were ready with a script, designed to relieve their department of any wrongdoing. Cops do and always will stick by their own, no matter what. And I don’t blame them for that.

    And if the offical version of these events are true, may the suspect have been burned alive and rotting in hell as we speak.

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    I have known james r. ferrario for more than 30 years. He’s not a bad guy, you have to understand the circumstances. His whole life was that little box. The association evicted him. The house was paid for. He couldn’t keep a job. Obama has to go…..
    You could be next…
    And where would you go when you die?

  • Haha I don’t know why but I love that my tweet/screenshot was used in the header image. I also saw the screencap when browsing 4chan. I feel as if I did something important by hitting print screen that very second.

    But what the hell happened to the whole thing? They were giving minute  updates every 10 seconds, and all of a sudden “its over” ? How bad was the fire, where’s the video clips of it? What kind of gun did he have? All of these questions that we were waiting to figure out, and now I can’t find any answers!