Modesto, CA: Proactive gang probation and parole sweep yields 14 arrests

On Monday November 25th 2013 members of the Modesto Police Department Street Gang Unit and Stanislaus County Probation Department conducted numerous probation and parole compliance checks on known documented gang members. These efforts also included proactive gang enforcement stops which developed into felony arrests.

A total of 14 arrests were made, of which 13 were for felony charges and one misdemeanor charge. The charges for these arrests varied from drug possession, to firearm possession, and warrant arrests. The drug arrest charges included possession of Marijuana, Hash, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin. See below for details of names and charges of those arrested. Additionally, over 20 probation searches were conducted at various locations.
Sgt. Gillespie of the Street Gang Unit said these enforcement actions were directed towards the continued commitment of enforcement and suppression of the active Norteno and Sureno criminal gang activity in this area. Specifically, one proactive traffic stop netted a firearm possession of a Glock 17 handgun.  Of note, this traffic stop and arrest were located on Dallas Ave which is in the gang injunction safety zone area.
Arrests                                                                        Charge:
Demetry Alvizar, 18                                        777 Welfare and Institutions Code
Jesus Becerra, 27                                            1 Warrant – 4024.2(C) Penal Code
Carlos Cordero, 38                                          3 Warrants – 243(e)(1) and 4024.2(C)Penal Code, and Health and Safety 11350(A)
Santiago Ceja, 19                                            11350 Health and Safety Code /12500(A) Vehicle Code
Michael Gomez, 24                                         3454 Penal Code
Lawrence Linnenbringer, 64                           11377 Health and Safety Code
George Munoz, 20                                          11350 Health and Safety Code /1203.2 Penal Code
David Saldiva, 40                                            11377, 11357(A), and 11364.1 Health and Safety Code
Richard Santos, 24                                          11350 Health and Safety Code, 1203.2 Penal Code
George Shuwoy, 20                                         3455 Penal Code
Somany Sok, 32                                               11377(A) and 11364.1(A) Health and Safety Code
Alfonso Vargas, 31                                          1203.2(A) Penal Code
Sabrina Vargas, 34                                          11377(A) Health and Safety Code /1203.2 Penal Code
Eric Vazquez, 17                                              29610 Penal Code /29650 Penal Code /25850(a) Penal Code
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