Modesto Altercation Leads to Fatal Shooting of 20 year-old

Modesto, CA– Modesto Police are investigating a fatal shooting that left one person dead. Police believe the shooting was gang-related and are trying to determine how a female stabbing victim, who was dropped off at a local hospital during the same time period as to the shooting, is related.    

On Thursday, February 14th, at about 8:38 P.M., Modesto Police officers were called to a report of a shooting in the 2400 block of Vera Cruz Drive, in northeast Modesto.  When officers arrived, they located a 20-year-old male victim, who appeared to have been suffering from several gunshot wounds. Officers provided CPR until paramedics arrived. The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Preliminary investigation has revealed the shooting appears to be gang-related and resulted from a verbal altercation between the victim and a group of individuals. Detectives learned as the victim was walking in the 2400 block of Vera Cruz Drive, he was confronted by a group of males and females who were in several vehicles. The suspects exited their vehicles and confronted the victim in a verbal altercation. The confrontation quickly escalated and became physical.  During the assault, a suspect from the group shot the victim several times.  The group of suspects returned to their vehicles and fled the scene. 

As officers were on scene at the shooting on Vera Cruz Drive, police received a report of a 17-year-old female who had arrived at a local hospital suffering from critical stab wounds.  The stabbing female victim had been taken to the hospital by friends.  Officers went to the hospital and contacted several individuals who were with the female stabbing victim. Investigators believe the two incidents are related and are trying to determine how the stabbing occurred. The stabbing victim underwent emergency surgery and is currently listed in stable condition.

Homicide and gang investigators have been working throughout the night and will continue to follow-up on leads, process the evidence collected from the crime scene and interview witnesses.  As of this writing, no arrests have been made. However, it would not be surprising if this case involves numerous gang-bangers of Mexican origin, which is usually the case in Modesto. Mexicans are a major contributing factor to the economic and poor socioeconomic plight of the city

“Because we have several individuals involved who are gang members or gang-affiliated, it makes this case challenging to work through. It will take some time, but we are confident we will come to a resolution,” said Investigative Services Sergeant Ivan Valencia. “We know what happened, which is that a male was shot and a female was stabbed. Our job now is to gather the evidence which should tell us how it occurred, why it occurred, and who should be held criminally culpable.”