Mexican Jose Hernandez London Olympic Torch 2012 Run [VIDEO]

On July, 09, 2012, Jose Hernandez, a former astronaut, motivational speaker, and wanna-be Congressman for the 10th California Congressional District carried the Olympic torch through the beautiful town of Bletchley, as part of the 2012 London Olympic ceremony.

Hernandez was one of 8,000 “inspirational” people who became torchbearers via nominations. His nomination is a disgrace to ALL the people who gave up their lives to protect our great country. I believe that he hasn’t done anything to qualify him for this prestigious honor.

From the Olympic torchbearer’s website, Hernandez was described as “an exemplary Mexican, who doesn’t believe in barriers to reach [one’s] dreams.” Even Olympic organizers believe that he’s more Mexican than American. He’s on record of saying this himself.

In a statement released from his campaigners, Hernandez said that the feeling he got from carrying the torch filled him “with an overwhelming sense of pride in our amazing country.” In context, he meant the United State of America; however, something tells me that he feels more pride in being a Mexican than an American.

From the look of his physique, it wouldn’t hurt if he ran around the block a few more times. After all it looks like he needs it because he’ll be in a battle of a lifetime in the November 2012 general election, when he goes up against Jeff Denham for the much coveted congressional seat.

Below is his Olympic run.