Mayor Marsh Holds 2nd Citizens Forum on Public Safety

Modesto Mayor Garrad Marsh concluded his 2nd community brainstorming session last Friday, February 1, in the lower level of the Modesto Centre Plaza.  This forum was a follow-up to the Citizens Forum on Public Safety that was held Friday, December 7, 2012.  During the first session community members brainstormed ideas and solutions on addressing the City of Modesto’s service level concerns as they relate to police and fire services.

Police and Fire services account for nearly 70% of the General Fund.  Public safety is a top priority for the community and the Modesto City Council.  With crime rates rising and response times to fire calls decreasing – both to levels believed to be unacceptable by the City Council – the Mayor is asking the community to rally together to generate ideas and solutions.

Following the first forum a special volunteer Ad Hoc Committee analyzed and reviewed the over 200 ideas obtained during the initial forum and organized them by like ideas using a screening and evaluation matrix.  The top ideas by category were presented Friday and those taking part voted for top priorities which will be developed for recommendation to the City Council.

Further outreach to the community will be sought to obtain a broader input from the community.  This input will be integrated into the City’s overall goals during our priority setting session on February 22.