Marty Jakosa of Foster Farms Jokes Killing of President Obama 2013

lincolnOn Friday, January 25th, on a night that was suppose to honor Turlock’s best and proudest citizens, the Best of Turlock 2013 event kicked off with a bang. Within minutes of taking the stage, the event’s master of ceremonies Marty (also known as Marti or Martin) Jakosa joked about assassinating the United States President Barrack Obama.

Jakosa went off script and made a “joke” about past presidents. From the video, it appears that Jakosa, with glee and enthusiasm, made his punch-line remark “How about you be like Abraham Lincoln and go to a play?” meaning that he wishes that President Obama be gunned down like Lincoln.

The joke brought about some applause and some boos and hiss. In which, Jakosa responded by saying that it’s a “cute joke.” Jakosa is white and is a known contributor to the Republican Party/candidate. He is employed by Foster Farms as a Human Resources Director, an executive position.

Joking about a president’s assassination should never be taken lightly. In November 2012, a Turlock woman made racist and disparaging remarks on her Facebook and Twitter page about the President and lost her Cold Stone Creamery job. The Secret Service made an investigation on the threat. And just recently, Manteca Police had to take action due to a threat that they received. They drove over 75 miles to detain a cab driver for making online threats to one of its finest officer. The Secret Service should not take this case lightly as this may constitute a serious threat.

According to the Foster Farms Dairy website, the company “value” working with “great people”. Great people do not make jokes about killing the president. If they don’t act on this disgusting, classless, tasteless joke, it shows that Foster Farms, including CEO Ron Foster, may feel the same way about President Obama.

In conclusion, Jakosa’s remark is anything but great. Perhaps next time, someone should inform Jakosa that a few knock, knock jokes works better.

  • BK

    Give it a rest, get your panties out of a bunch and lighten up already! While not the best place for delivering such a joke, it was, in fact, just a joke and not a threat. Remember, they made a MOVIE about killing President Bush while he was still in office! Were you so outraged with that?

  • John

    Jakosa is white. Obama is black. Yeah Jakosa could be a closet racist. It’s funny how he told the joke. He knew what he said and how he really feels about the President, he only said it’s a cute joke after bombing the ill conceived joke. Jakosa, what a moron.

  • mike

    Modesto press said nothing about the movie made playing off the killing of gw bush. Grow up you big babies. It was a non racial joke. And its been around since the killing of Lincoln