Manteca’s Ernest Duenez Jr. Death: Justice Finally Served Right [VIDEO]

The event happened on June 8th, 2011 but it was only a week ago that the San Joaquin County District Attorney office cleared any wrongdoings of Manteca Police Officer, John Moody in the killing of known gangbanger and ex-convict Ernest Duenez Jr.

Duenez was a wanted parolee for various gruesome crimes. He has been convicted of the following:

  • Statutory Rape
  • Burglary
  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Possession of stolen vehicles
  • Felony for evading arrest
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Gang membership

Duenez was no model citizen but rather another gang-banging scum on this Earth.

The incident occurred around 6:42pm and it happened quickly. Moody was able to catch Duenez and his party driving onto the driveway. The officer called out Duenez to have his hands up in the air.

Moody yelled, “Hands up! Hands up, Ernie! Don’t you move! Or I will shoot you! Hands up now! Drop the knife now!”

Instead of obeying the officer, Duenez jumped out of the truck, looked at the officer and started to hop and was seen lounging for something in the vehicle. As an officer, you must expect the worst. The officer assumed it was a knife so he did what was best in the situation and shot down Duenez.

Thirteen shots and 4.2 seconds later, Duenez is on the ground, dead from his gunshot wounds as his girlfriend stood over the motionless body.

Moody’s act was well-justified. He did what was needed and we all should applaud him for protecting people from further harm and crimes by Duenez.

However, unsurprisingly the Duenez family disagrees and has hired well-known civil rights attorney John Burris to represent the $34 million case against Manteca police. The family claimed that he had his foot caught in the seat belt. However, the DA office has found that there was indeed a knife present and Moody did what was necessary.

  • fR33kSt3R

    Ernie is was not a model citizen and Moody is not a model officer. Common sense tells me both men acted inappropriately.

  • Jim

    This video is cut. The shooting went on longer and the final shit was in the back. See YouTube. Why is this video so flagrantly edited?

  • Jim

    There are about 10 seconds cut and they deleted the final shots. That’s a problem

  • Jim

    You edited the vid. You liar

  • Jim

    I’m showing CNN what you did to edit the vid. You can’t just erase my comments you liar