LOVE Modesto – 4,000 Volunteers Aid in Modesto Projects

Love Modesto has come a long way since its humble roots in 2009.  During the first event, there were approximately 1,200 volunteers pitching in on a few dozen projects within the City.  However, this year’s event drew over 4,000 volunteers working on 60 different projects.  This past Saturday volunteers embarked across Modesto on a variety of projects.  Projects ranged from cleaning up local school sites, offering free food and clothing to those in need, working hard at de-littering under-bridge areas along the Tuolumne River and numerous other projects that literally spread the Love across Modesto.

Love Modesto has grown into a much larger movement which now includes:  Love Our Schools (volunteers donate 1 hour a week to become classroom helpers or mentors), Love ALL Our Kids (provides support groups for those looking into Foster Care or Adoption), Love Our Families (marriage and parenting classes/seminars) and Love Our Neighborhoods which inspires neighborhoods to step up and help within their own neighborhoods in an effort to strengthen neighbor to neighbor relationships.

While Love Modesto only takes place once a year, you can always participate in the many other Love programs that are associated with Love Modesto.  One example would be Love Our Neighborhoods promoting the 30th Anniversary of National Night Out coming up on Friday, May 17th.  For more information, or to join the movement,