Jeff Denham Crushes Jose Hernandez to Win 10th CA Congressional Seat 2012

In what was expected, Republican Jeff Denham easily manhandled the Democrat Jose Hernandez for the newly formed California 10th Congressional District seat. With 100% of the precincts reported minus provisional ballots, the final tally is 54.70% to 45.30% Denham. He will represent Stanislaus County and nearby cities such as Ripon, Tracy and Manteca in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Many politicians viewed this election crucial to their party overall well-being. So both parties launched campaign attacks at each other which turned out to be an unpleasant one to watch. It got so bad that Denham had to file a defamation lawsuit against the Democratic Party in order to remove a TV ad. Over $12 million (combined) went into both the Denham and Hernandez campaign. And only one came out the true victor, that is, Denham. That is folks, wasted money at its finest for the Valley.

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  • seanlee

    During the campaign there was ads saying that Jose Hernandez did not live in California that he lived in Texas. Isn’t it true that he lived in Texas because he was assigned as an engineer for NASA so he could work in space as an astronaut? although he was a resident of California before he took this challenge he also came back after the assignment. Wasn’t the ad misleading?


    Quite crying you baby! Jose, whose parents are illegal immigrants, lost. so STFU! LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA