Harbaugh Chooses Kaepernick as 49ers Starting QB as Alex Smith Pouts

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh nabbed Turlock native and Pitman High School graduate Colin Kaepernick as the starting QB for this week’s upcoming game against division rival St. Louis Rams.

Former starter and 2005 NFL Draft #1 pick, Alex “Game Manager” Smith was asked about his recent demotion. Smith said, “I feel like the only thing I did to lose my job was get a concussion.”

Two weeks ago, Smith self-reported a concussion that essentially cost him the starting job and potentially over $8 million in future earnings with the Niners. Smith was healthy to start for the team’s game last week against the New Orleans Saints but Coach Harbaugh decided to go with 2nd year QB Kaepernick, who performed amazingly well considering that it was only his second NFL start.

Instead of pouting about it or be visibly upset about the situation Smith should be happy that he has lasted this long with the team. Before Harbaugh became the Niners coach last year, many people viewed Smith as one of the biggest NFL Draft busts of all time. Harbaugh resurrected his career. Smith needs to understand this and its time for him to give his entire support by helping Kaepernick.

If Smith still believes that he has NFL starter abilities, during the offseason, he may be asked to be traded. Some teams that may be highly interested in his employment are the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, and Buffalo Bills. Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets are QB needy teams but due to their circumstances, they may stick with their current starters or look into the 2013 NFL Draft for their franchise quarterbacks.

Some quick notes and opinions:

  • WR Kyle Williams had season-ending injury. Some fans are ecstatic as many viewed his fumbles cost the 49ers a trip to the Super Bowl last year.
  • Teddy Ginn Jr. needs to be waived or traded. He was a draft bust with the Miami Dolphins and will always be a non-factor as a wide receiver.
  • Harbaugh’s playbook is now wide open up with Kaepernick’s ability to do so many things.
  • It’s time to activate the team’s second round drafts pick, RB LaMichael James, after Kendall Hunter’s season ending injury. Both Kaepernick and James played the no huddle spread offense in college and the tandem could be effective and deadly.
  • Prediction #1: AFC Title Game: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos
  • Prediction #2: NFC Title Game:San Francisco49ers vs New York Giants