Garrison Park Construction Project

The City of Modesto Utility Planning and Projects and Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods departments collectively announce the closure and renovation of the existing ball field at Garrison Park and completion of an overall storm drain cross connection removal project.  While the ball field and surrounding construction area will be fenced off during construction, the rest of the park, including the play area, will still be open for public use.

Renovation of the ball field located in the northwest corner of Garrison Park will begin in mid-January when the contractor, Mountain Cascade, Inc. of Livermore, CA, will install the project’s perimeter fencing that will stay up during the course of construction.  The major construction in the park will be the installation of an underground storm water collection system in the baseball field area. The system will be made up of arched storm chambers designed to collect and store storm water while it is allowed to naturally percolate.  The system is completely underground and will not alter the use of the park after completion.

“This system is being installed in the park in order to remove cross connections from existing rockwells to the sewer system” said Will Wong, Acting Utility, Planning and Projects Director.   “Currently, during storm events, storm water runoff flows into the sewer system through these cross connections.”  The increased flow into the sewer system results in:

  • Potential sanitary overflows
  • Increased costs in downstream sewer improvements
  • Additional wastewater plant treatment costs

Installing the underground storage system will have numerous benefits for the neighborhood including:   

  • Relieving local flooding by removing failed rockwells and replacing them with a new storm drain system
  • Renovation of the ball field at  Garrison Park
  • Removal of cross connections that burden the sewer system
  • Utilizing Low Impact Development (LID) features and components such as pervious concrete to keep storm water at its source, providing water quality treatment, infiltrating stormwater, and recharging the groundwater aquifer

Above ground, the improvements to the ball field will include the demolition and reconstruction of the existing dirt infield and turf outfield, irrigation system, home plate and pitchers mound.  Two half-court basketball courts will be added to the park along with a drinking fountain and benches. Replacement sod will be installed to all grass areas damaged during construction and will be irrigated using a new, efficient irrigation system, which should decrease the amount of water used overall in Garrison Park.

Construction in the park is expected to be completed by early summer with the overall storm drain cross connection removal project continuing until the end of December 2014.